Sunday, February 12, 2012

800th Post...

1.) As I was coming to post I noticed it was my 800th post on this blog. So crazy. I started it the day we found out I was pregnant, moving from my old blog because we didn't tell our families about the pregnancy until 13 weeks but I wanted to document everything.

2.) I never intended to start a blog. I started writing my thoughts when we were going through our infertility. They were posted in a way that was accessible only to me. Then I discovered that what I was feeling and going through was normal and shared with a few people and now here I am almost 5 years later. I love blogging. The very easiest way to record memories.

3.) Eli learned nothing from his fall and his stitches. He went right back to climbing I'm doing everything in my power to remind him that climbing can lead to owies.

4.) I've had a lot of things on my mind that I would like to write about but they have the potential to be controversial and I just don't really feel like going there. Maybe I will... but only if people play nice. Disagree, but disagree nicely haha.

5.) I ordered a pizza to be delivered tonight. This is funny because I live 2 blocks from the pizza place haha.  Marcus was at work with the car and I didn't want to take Eli and Emmy out in the dark, so they walked it to me. Small town living is funny.

6.) Today was the first day I didn't have a headache in almost 2 weeks. I was starting to get one but them  Eli, Emerson and I all fell asleep and we woke up 3 hours later no headache. Just two very cranky kids. Napping makes them cranky for some reason.

Wow my 800th post was awesome!! Best blogger ever!!

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~Jess said...

Hey! I thought it was a great post! And I would so do the same thing with delivery :-P