Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Everyone & White Elephant gift exchange...

One of the tradition at my church is to hold an all church birthday party. We celebrate everyone's birthday all at once in January.

This was my first time at the annual event and I was told there was a white elephant gift exchange as part of the tradition. So I put on my thinking skills and came up with the following as gifts:

A Survival kit full of ridiculous things. 
Hopefully you can read the contents here. 

All of the items for none of your survival needs. 

A super tacky Jesus mug and then I made a mug that said, "I attended The [My church Name] birthday party and all I got was this mug"

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself until they started opening the presents. Apparently others definition of White Elephant was different than mine. This is what happens when you are the pastor at a church and enter into their new traditions. Everyone else knows what's going on except me.

So my gifts were far and away the most ridiculous, I have no idea if anyone knew they were from me or not. Now I know better for next year haha.

The Birthday Cake

Eli with a birthday hat

Eli with his gift. He got some new cars

If you're wondering why there's no pictures of Emmy it's because she was running around like a crazy person with the other kids. There was a time when I would have said Eli was our extravert but they've shifted. Eli sits back and observes everything and Emmy once she's comfortable is all over the place. 

At one point during the party Eli climbed on to my lap and whispered, "Mama they crazy."

He wasn't used to seeing all of the church people laughing and joking and being so loud.

When we came home Emmy was yelling, "Yay presents!"


~Jess said...

I want to know what other people brought! What did you come home with?

Sounds like fun and I think your gift was a great idea!

sadie607 said...

Jess other people brought normal things. I came home with a really nice serving tray and some autumn holiday decor.

Marcus got a silver serving dish and a table cloth new in it's package. I think somebody either me or the rest of the church has the wrong definition of white Elephant.

curtis03 Lewis said...

This happened to me once too. It was hilarious! I just brought in a “I hate Christmas” t-shirt and everyone was looking around wondering who it was that brought that. I just poker faced the whole thing. It was a venue New York office had hired for our Christmas party. It was so funny!