Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have a pedometer...

and it's possible that this could be my new obsession haha.

Turns out that right in line with my goal to start exercising the annual conference of the denomination I'm part of started  health initiative of their own. They invited all the pastors in our geographic area to get a pedometer, track our steps and exercise, and get money if we meet our goals.

Sign me up!! Today is my first day with the pedometer and apparently I'm suppose to get 7,000 steps, but since several thousands of my steps come from running and other exercise I get bonus points for those.

I'm pretty excited for the cash incentive to keep exercising, plus I'm down 3 lbs from where I was a week ago when I stopped drinking soda and started moving.

It might interest you to know that pastors are among the most unhealthy group of people in a profession. Our average age is really high (like in the 50 or 60s) I'm trying to help lower that average, and so much of our work involves sitting. Sitting, while reading, writing sermons, leading prayer, leading bible studies etc.

Add the stress and the bizarre hours and it's a recipe for a health disaster (plus it doesn't really inspire insurance companies to want to insure us a group). Hence pedometers for the pastors.

Right now I'm at 6326 steps for the day (over 3000 came from my run). I've been debating trying to read a book while walking around my backyard. I could gain a new reputation as the quirky pastor who wanders aimlessly trying to read and not fall down.

Marcus also started running last week and he's already lost 5 lbs it's kind of unfair that it seems so much easier for guys to lose weight. Here's to health (and some cash incentives) haha.

Total Steps for the day = 10,023

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~Jess said...

Earning money is quite the incentive!