Friday, February 10, 2012

Eli got stitches...

My children love to climb and I knew this would someday lead to trouble. That day was yesterday. Both Eli and Emmy climbed onto the bathroom counter. Eli stood up, took a step back, and fell hitting his chin on the counter as he fell.

He bit his tongue and there was blood everywhere. Emmy saw the whole thing and immediatly declared, "bubba, doctor, hurry, owie bubba doctor"

We did in fact take Eli to the ER and he received 3 stitches on his chin.

He was such a brave boy. He kept insisting he was "All better" and "Go home" at one point he even said, "Sissy's turn" he's used to taking turns at the doctor and he wanted his to be over.

Emmy was concerned and fascinated by the whole process. I thought it might freak her out to watch as they numb the area with the needle but every time I moved her away from Eli so she became upset and said, "I see Eli, I see Eli".

She didn't want to be away from him. She also told the doctor that Eli needed a sticker.

His chin is black and blue today but he seems totally over it. In fact I caught him trying to climb the bathroom counter again. I quickly reminded him of his owie and his trip to the doctor. 

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~Jess said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad he wasn't hurt too badly or traumatized much. Of course if they were a bit more traumatized they might not do it again.