Friday, February 24, 2012

My Kids...

Are super cute!

My mother-in-law took these pictures last weekend when they were visiting. 

In a totally unrelated note, Marcus did Zumba with me today on the xbox. It was one of the most fantastic things I've ever seen. His strategy was to just move around a lot. I finally found an xbox game I can beat him at.

This is day 3 without soda or chocolate and I've worked out 2 of the last 3 days. Pretty good so far on the lenten goals. 


~Jess said...

That's pretty much my way of doing zumba...I just move around lol

Yay for you with the goal!

Creole Wisdom said...

I love when guys do zumba.

Your kids ARE too cute :)

Kaylee and Lindy said...

Emmy looks so grown up in that picture! I miss you all!