Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My children are thieves & other musings...

My children are thieves... or maybe they just like to borrow things.

It started with our camera. We haven't seen it since October. We've had to resort to using our super old digital camera from 2005, when 5 megapixels was super awesome.

In the last few weeks the following items have gone missing:

1. My make-up, all of it. I searched and searched and finally found it in our hamper.
2. My glasses, again I searched to no avail, I was forced to read an entire novel and write a sermon without them. It was tragic. Those turned up a couple of days ago in Eli and Emerson's hamper.
3. Marcus' ipod. Marcus got a new on in the meantime and then one day Emmy found the other one and ran out excitedly yelling "I find ipod".
4. An entire manilla envelope full of church bulletins. I like to pull out old bulletin's from time to time for inspiration. Alas, they are no where to be found (not even in any hampers).

They also take spoons with regularly to dig holes in the backyard or something. Plus Eli has figured out how to open the fridge so he's decided he should eat yogurt non-stop throughout the day.


In other news Emerson knows that the store with the big red bull's-eye is Target. We dropped Marcus off early for work today so I could go to my Mom's group book club. Marcus got out at Target so he could wander around a little before walking over to his work. As Marcus got out Emerson said, "I want to go to Target."

It's weird the things they pick up on. We didn't teach her that.

After my mom's book club we had an hour to kill before Marcus was off work (we stayed at the host's house for about 4 hours). I for some reason decided that I should take my 2.5 year old twins, without a stroller, by myself into the mall.

I knew having two unrestrained children was going to be a nightmare but I thought maybe, just maybe it would be ok.

They had moments when they both contently held my hands. Brief interludes of behaving but they are too curious for their own good. They would touch everything and say, "what's that, what's that, what's that..."

Eli did not want to hold my hand, Emmy wanted me to hold her, they would both take off in opposite directions, it was not good.

They did have a really cute moment when we arrived to the spot where they saw Santa, both of them asked, "Where Santa go"

I told them Santa went home and then Emerson recalled their entire visit with Santa, "I see Santa, I crying, Santa candy, markers, paper." I guess that was a pretty memorable experience for them.

The other new game they invented was yelling "Daddy" to any random man who passed by and then laughing hysterical. It was pretty awkward. They yelled "Daddy" to a man who was probably 70, the cashier who had been watching us, had a really horrified look on her face.


About a week ago I went to go check on Eli and Emerson and saw that Eli's bed was totally empty. No blankets, no pillows, no Eli.

Then I discovered he had moved everything over to Emmy's bed and there they slept. One on each side (Please excuse the random amount of blankets they insist on using every blanket they can find). I also love that Eli sleeps with both hands behind his head. These are my favorite moments. I can just picture the random conversation they had that led to Eli moving everything he owned into Emerson's bed. 



Creole Wisdom said...

They are so funny. I love that they hide things. Oh, and calling the old man "daddy." You should of played along just to mess with the clerk!

~Jess said...

Wouldn't you love to know what their conversations really consisted of, what they were both thinking?

I hope you find the rest of the missing booty!