Sunday, October 4, 2009

What we've been up too the last two weeks.

I've been insanely busy, but I thought I would do a quick re-cap post of the last two weeks. So I apologize if this gets long.

***I turned 25***
Sept. 21st was my 25th birthday, and according to Marcus, "I look like I'm halfway to 50." umm... thanks love. It was a fairly uneventful birthday. Marcus worked, I had class, then we all went to bed. The babies did get me some presents though. They each bought me one earring (that together made a set) and a mother's necklace that has their names on it. Marcus bought me a sigg bottle. I've been asking for one of those forever and finally someone took me seriously. And my friend Jess gave me the cutest willow tree figures of twins. So adorable. I'm blessed to have found such a great friend, who has been a huge source of support during our IF, pregnancy, and now twin parenthood. I'm so excited that she'll be welcoming her own daughter sometime this month.

Both babies loved my birthday balloon. Once it was overhead as I was feeding Eli and he stopped eating and just stared (With his mouth open). Too distracted by it to eat. Adorable.

***I attempted to take the babies to class = major FAIL***
I've had an impossible time trying to find someone to watch the babies during one of my classes. I had the first hour covered but needed to find someone for the second half and as of two weeks ago I still hadn't. So I emailed my professor to let her know I would have to leave an hour early. Her response, "No worries. You can bring them along if you'd like."

I'm pretty sure she had no idea what she was suggesting, but I decide, what the heck might as well. Yeah, bad plan. She emailed my about 30 min. before class so we had to leave right then to get to school on time. Emerson had just eaten but she decided this would be the perfect moment for a major meltdown, and Eli still needed to eat. I decided I would get to the school feed Eli and hopefully Emerson would calm down (and go to sleep) on the walk over. Not so much. I walked through the school with my two screaming babies, attempting to find a place where I could camp out and finish feeding Eli, while trying to rock Emerson in the stroller to calm her down. Eli decided this would be an ideal time to poop all over, and my lovely school does not have a changing table, so I had to put him down on the floor on a blanket and try to clean the mess up there. (I'm currently lobbying my university to put a changing table in one of the bathrooms. I'm not the only one with babies). Besides it would be more pleasant for everyone involved if I didn't have to change them in the hallways.

At this point I realized that actually taking them to class with me was not an option. So I frantically texted a friend, who bless her, took my two screaming babies and my keys and walked them back to my apartment. She then found someone to watch them during the second half of class and all was well. My friend also informed me that after having to bring both babies back to the apartment and hang out with them for an hour she has a newfound respect for me. It was quite the production and the babies first graduate class will have to wait.

***Emerson helped me do Laundry because she never, ever, naps crazy girl***

***Eli on the other hand naps all the time***

He was so cute with his little butt up in the air.

***Emerson had her hips checked again on 9/23***
During their 4 month appointment our pediatrician still had some concern about Emerson's hips. She is still quite "froggy legged" and there's still popping and clicking. So she sent us to an orthopedic specialist this time (last time she just had an ultrasound). The doctor did an x-ray and another examination and everything at this point is okay. The clicking at this moment isn't anything to worry about which is a relief.

On our way out of the doctor's office some lady basically cornered us trying to get a look at the babies. She stood in the doorway and then circled around us. Very strange.

***I became an aunt again***

Marcus' brother and his wife welcomed Cassandra Maxine on September 28th she was 5lbs 8oz. Tiny, beautiful, and perfect. There has been a major baby boom this year in my family. Together in 2009 we've welcomed 6 new babies. Eli is rapidly becoming outnumbered by girls, which is a trend in my family. (I have 1 brother and 4 sisters).

***I gave the sermon at my church***
Which was incredibly nerve-wracking, but it went really well and I had positive responses from people. Marcus also did a great job juggling both babies, while sitting in the pews without me. I loved looking out and seeing him with our babies. It was a mental picture we had imagined in our heads many times during our years TTC and it had finally come to fruition.

***Emerson learned to roll from tummy to back and figured out she has two hands***
Very exciting stuff.

***Emerson had a huge, major, blow-out all over me***
OMG, it was the most awful experience. I was holding her when she pooped and when I moved my hand to go and change her it was covered. I then look at my pant leg and it too was completely covered, as was her entire leg, and back of the onesie. It was the worst mess and I literally couldn't move because if I did would get all over. All I could find was a bib to wipe off some of my pants (Which then immediately went into the garbage). By this point Emerson had put her hand in it and was happily flailing her arms around as I tried to keep her hands out of her mouth.

Once onto the changing table I just didn't know where to begin, it was every where. For some reason none of it went in the diaper (the diaper was basically empty) instead it just came out the side and all over everything. As I attempted to remove the onesie the mess just increased. It took forever to get her clean and bathed because it was just too much, plus my entire outfit was covered, my pants, shirt etc. Oh my it was traumatic. And as a relayed my trauma to Marcus over the phone he just laughed at me. My tiny, innocent looking little girl makes the biggest messes.

***I got hand sanitizer in both eyes***
To add to my growing list of awesome mom moments I basically blinded myself. We have hand sanitizer all over because the babies were premature and we're doing our best to keep them healthy. We keep one next to the changing table and it's running empty, so in an effort to get the last of the sanitizer out I was hitting the pump with my hand, which caused the sanitizer to squirt directly in both eyes, with Eli still on the changing table. I couldn't really open my eyes, so as I squinted through the burning pain, I blindly carried Eli over to his crib, while I tried to read the label to see if I was going to be blind forever. Luckily, after rinsing my eyes out with water all seems to be well. An unexpected hazard, and a lesson learned. Marcus also found this pretty amusing.  He's pretty sure he misses out on all the fun while he's at work.

***I said good-bye to this thing...***

After 20 weeks of pumping I have officially 100% weened. I feel a little sad/guilty about that because I was hoping to make it to 6 months, but it just wasn't practical anymore. And it's really nice to have those several hours of my day back.

That's all I can think of at the moment. We're hanging in there and hopefully I can find some time to keep up with the blogging on a more regular basis.

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