Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mark had H1N1...

and I find it kind of amusing. Not that he had the flu, because that sucks, but the circumstances surrounding his discovery that he had the flu. The H1N1 outbreak craze started when I was still in the hospital on bedrest, and Marcus was really freaked out about it. (I wasn't because I read things and while people have died and that's not good, people die every year from the flu. Plus I was quarantined in the hospital bed and the babies weren't here yet so really I wasn't worried about it at all). Anyways, Marcus was just really paranoid about the whole thing at the onset.

Fast forward to the week after the babies come home from the NICU in June and Marcus feels sick. He's achy, he's tired (all symptoms in my opinion of having preemie twins in the NICU,) except they were accompanied by a fever and that made us really nervous with our two tiny babies just discharged from the NICU. So off Marcus went to the health center at his University.

After running a few tests they called to tell him he had the flu, they called it Influenza A (so in Marcus mind at the moment in June, "Okay at least it's not H1N1"). Marcus kept his distance from the babies, he recovered, the babies stayed well and we all moved on.

Fast forward to yesterday. Marcus calls that same university health center to inquire about receiving priority for the H1N1 since he is a caregiver for children under 6 months. At this point the nurse tells him,

"I don't think you'll need it"

"Umm, why not I haven't been vaccinated yet?"

"It looks like you had it this summer and probably have natural immunities."

Cue, Marcus' freak out.  "What?"


hahaha in hindsight I find the whole thing hilarious. Marcus, who was so freaked out about H1N1 had it and didn't even know, and now 4 months later he's freaked out and mad that they called it Influenza A (which it is) and not swine flu or H1N1.

In the end he still went and got the H1N1 vaccine this morning, just as an extra measure.

I was joking with Marcus about when we heard on the news back in June that his University had a confirmed case, and how they were talking about him and we didn't even know it.

I also suppose this is really only funny to me but in a strange way I find the whole situation amusing, and they really did us a favor by not disclosing that it was H1N1 because I truly think in the moment it would have freaked Marcus out to a ridiculous level. Well actually I know it would have, he just told me a second ago that if he had known he wouldn't have even slept in our apartment.

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~Jess said...

In hindsight it's funny lol Talk about taking patient confidentiality to a whole new level...he didn't even get told he had it.

Wow! Well at least you know everything is well and everyone is healthy.