Monday, October 19, 2009

Eating issues... again.

Emerson has recently decided that she just doesn't have the time, attention span, or desire to eat.  I don't know exactly what her reason is but getting the girl to eat these days is a frustrating task for both of us. She does well with the first bottle of the day in the morning and with the bottle right before bed. The bottles in between however are a fight.

She turns her head, cries, spits the milk back out at me (or blows bubbles with it depending on her mood), twists her entire body, and then cries some more. This is not a reflux issue (it's different than when she cries from reflux). This is not an issue with the formula because she eats just fine in the morning and before bed. She just doesn't want to eat. Yesterday, she only ate 22 oz. Which is not enough for her age and weight so we had to get her up in the middle of the night (despite her desire to keep sleeping and give her a few more oz, similar to right after she was released from the NICU, we should be past this). Today she did a little better and with much time and effort (on my part) she ate 24 oz, which according to her pediatrician is at the very low end of normal.

I don't know what to do. I do know that I don't have the energy to fight with her every time she eats. I'm also worried that this eating issue will affect her weight gain and she's already on the tiny side. I guess the only thing that helped was Eli was in a particularly good mood today, the only time he cried is when Emerson accidently hit him in the face (a hazard of being a twin), and when he was too excited and moved himself enough on the changing table that he hit his head, poor baby.  He's also willing to eat pretty much any time we offer him food.

In other news, Emerson is obsessed with a key ring rattle we have that has a light on it. When we show it  to her, her arms start flailing her mouth opens, and she can hardly contain her excitement. (It was during this excitement that the, Emerson hitting Eli in the face incident occurred, she was just too excited). She also thinks my singing is hilarious and it gets a giggle out of her every time.

Eli, has recently decided that having his clothes changed is hilarious. Anytime the shirt goes over his head he laughs. I'm not really sure what's so funny about it, but it's adorable how much he loved being on the changing table.

They also both like the mirror these days. Especially Emerson. She'll smile at herself and then bury her head into our shoulder like she's embarrassed.

My cute babies despite the very frustrating moments.

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~Jess said...

They are so funny! Hopefully the eating thing is a short lived phase...and she soon goes back to eating as much as she should and sleeping through the night.