Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! (And Nevada Day & Reformation Day)

We didn't actually go any where or do anything for Halloween but I wanted to dress the babies up, and since my school has a tradition of going to our Sinner's and Saints Halloween party in religiously themed attire I took the opportunity to construct some costumes for the babies. When I told Marcus what I wanted to do he thought I was nuts, but even he admits that they turned out pretty cute and completely hilarious.

They were actually pretty easy to make. I bought two toddler size black turtlenecks and cut the sleeves for the Cassock and Emerson's robe. Sewed buttons up the Cassock, used black and white bandanas for Emerson's Habit and nuns collar, used ribbon for Eli's clerical collar, rope, and a modified anchor to make the cross. Easy, cheap, and cute (in my completely biased opinion).


~Jess said...

I completely agree :-D

Christi said...

Adorable! They are grinning like cute! BTW, I think Emerson is showing a little too much!

sadie607 said...

haha christi I know she's a very immodest nun. She just wouldn't keep her robe down.