Friday, October 30, 2009


Before we had kids I always used to tell Marcus that once we had them they better get to used to all kinds of photos. I wanted to put them in piles of leaves, snow, in front of flowers, in things, on things... you get the point. As I was walking home from class the perfect opportunity presented itself, a pile of leaves, just sitting there waiting for me to plop my babies in them. So I hurried home, dressed them, and off we went.

At first they both just seemed confused, which means no smiles.

Then Emerson decided she really didn't like it at all...

While Eli continued to lay there...

And lay there some more.

Emerson was much happier in her dad's arms.

While Eli continued to stare at the leaves.

Overall, it was mostly a success.

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~Jess said...

I've often said this about our kids...they better like a camera, otherwise they'll be issues. I was hoping A would be here before the leaves were all wet, so that I could get some pictures.

They look too cute! I love Eli's sweater.