Sunday, October 18, 2009

The things people say...

There's a sweet lady at my church who for the life of her cannot figure the babies out. Emerson's name really throws her off because in her mind it's a boys name, so she's constantly confused. Today we had a funny conversation with her.

OL: Do you have special tricks to tell the babies apart?

Me: Well one's a boy and one's a girl so it's pretty easy.

OL: I mean with their diapers on. How do you tell them apart?

Me: um... they look different?


P.S. Emerson slept through the night again! Eli on the other hand woke up twice.

Emerson was also awaken from her nap during church today during a song with clapping. Each clap made her jump, eyes wide, looking at me in confusion. Funny baby.

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