Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bedtime routine alone...

My last post was written at the end of a successful week and while things are getting easier we are also at the beginning of some huge scheduling changes between Marcus' work and class schedule and my class schedule and internship. A class Marcus thought was only one night a week is actually 3 nights a week which means I'm on my own for the bedtime routine during those nights, a feat I had never done alone until last night.

Marcus left for class around 6:30pm which is the start of their meltdown time, and I did what I could to calm them. Finally, around 7:45pm I couldn't take it anymore and started their routine (early, I also started early because I knew it would take longer since it was just me). Usually this works well because Marcus and I each take a kid and the crying soon stops. However, on my own the routine was much more complicated, and not as relaxing for the babies since one of them was screaming while I was getting the other one ready.

I also had to feed them at the same time which I hate, especially before bed because I like to hold each of them for their feedings. After getting most of their bottles down, I then took one at a time and fed that one and then put them to bed, and repeated with the next. It was ridiculously complicated and exhausting and the babies didn't go down and smoothly as they usually do, probably because they never fully calmed down since they had to take turns waiting for me.

I did it though. Night one of bedtime routine alone is completed, an entire semester left to go.

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~Jess said...

YAY SADIE! I give you guys so much credit to be dealing with school/work/etc on top of all the complexities of twins *hugs*