Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emerson at 4 months!

Now on to little Ms. Emerson. It's so interesting to me to watch how they each develop and discover things at their own pace.

*Emerson figured out she has hands several weeks ago, and holds them both up to stare at and examine them.

*She's starting to figure out how to self soothe a little bit and when crying will put her figures in her mouth for a second or two and it calms her. (Although she's still not real good at keeping them in her mouth).

*Can hold her head up during tummy time.

*Has so much spit and slobbers every where, all over her clothes and anyone who is holding her.

* I can hold her in the sitting position (or prop her on the couch) and she can almost hold her own head up, it's bobbles back and forth and eventually she tips over too.

* Eats 4-4.5oz at a time.

*Is a great sleeper and has slept for 8 hours on 3 different occasions.

* Is a horrible napper. She fights them everyday and will be exhausted and whining for hours (which is exhausting for both of us).

*Likes to stare at the things on the activity mat.

*Still likes to stare at black and white pictures.

*Makes a lot of cute baby cooing noises, especially at her dad. (She however was not amused when he did this to her during bathtime (I think she's adorable though).

*Still has reflux issues that cause her pain when eating poor baby.

*Fits newborn size clothing (Although I put her in the 0-3 month summer clothes that we have so she can get some use out of them before it gets cold).

*Has no interest in holding things or even attempting to.

*After waking up she needs to stretch for several minutes, making old person stretching noises it's so cute.

*Pouts a lot, it's adorable.

She's a sweet little baby, who is incredibly moody. She's so different than Eli in pretty much every way. She still melts down every night before bed time, cries every day (because she won't nap), but her smiles and coos make up for all of that.

Overall, we have two healthy, (mostly) happy, 4 month old babies.

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~Jess said...

She's beautiful: They're getting so big already :-(