Friday, September 18, 2009

My little Eli is sick :~(

We try so so hard to keep them safe from the germs (which is ridiculously hard). We make everyone who comes into our home wash and sanitize multiple times. I wash my hands non-stop throughout the day and so does Marcus. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough and earlier this week Marcus had a cold. (That he contracted either in school or at work) and as hard as we tried to keep it away from the babies we couldn't. Two nights ago was awful with Eli. He fussed when we tried to put him down, and then once falling asleep he was up  6 or 7 times whining (but no fever at this point).

Then yesterday he just wasn't himself and sounded a little congested and this morning at 4:00 am he had a temperature of 100. So off to the pediatrician. Right now his lungs sound okay, but he has a lot of pulling when he breathes and is breathing a little fast. They checked his O2 levels and right now they're okay, but we'll continue to take his temp. and watch his breathing and if it gets worse we were instructed to bring him back in. Our urgent care will have an on-call pediatrician through the weekend so that's nice to know.  One of his ears was also red but at this point it doesn't appear to have any fluid around it so hopefully no ear infection is incoming.

I really love our pediatrician. She's very good with them, and takes extra care because they were preemies, and doesn't mess around with things (even colds). She affirmed that we did the right thing by bringing him in and told us to call if we had any more concerns or questions.

I hope he gets better soon. He's just so little and pathetic today. I was holding him and he just sat there, not moving, whining over and over. Poor baby.

I also hope Emerson doesn't catch it. One sick baby is more than enough.

(In other news I got my very first flu shot ever today, my university gives them for free).

Oh, and despite feeling well, Eli laughed today for the first time. He must have been a little jealous of the attention Emerson was getting with her laughing on Wednesday so this morning he laughed for his dad, very cute.

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Queenie. . . said...

Bummer about the cold...but maybe a little cold now will help him build immunity from worse ones this winter?