Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I think I've taken on more than I can handle...

It's been one of those days and it's only 3:39. I can't seem to get caught up on things and as a result I'm constantly running around like I'm losing my mind. I have a ton of reading (I know this, I'm a grad student in my 3rd year this is not a surprise) however, the whole having twins, taking 5 classes, doing an internship is completely new to me. I just need an afternoon where I can just organize my life.

Today I thought I had a handle on things. I only had a discussion section this morning and that was it. All day to do my reading for tomorrow (so I thought). Until I discovered that I needed to submit two summaries of the readings by noon today. So all day quickly turned into two hours. Fine, okay I'm a fast reader... but even I can't read 300 pages in 2 hours. (Plus I had to take a break to see Emerson giggle). Then I learned that I'm doubled booked for tonight. I was suppose to attend a meeting for my internship at 6:30pm, then I looked at my schedule and discovered that I instead have to attend a required banquet/lecture at 6:30pm for a class.... oh and I have to dress formally. What the hell. I don't have formal clothes, and the ones I do have don't quite fit right these days. Thanks for the heads up about that professor.

Add, to that the fact that I haven't done laundry in weeks (it's really bad). I've been wearing random shirts from high school (all of which I've been meaning to weed out and donate, a project I hoped to have done before the babies arrived but as we all know the bedrest, early delivery aspect put a damper on that project).

Plus, the babies have been ridiculously whiney today. I think it's probably still from their shots but I just need a few seconds to organize my life, round up some clothes, adjust my childcare arrangements for tonight, oh and read a book or two for class tomorrow.

I know I took all of this on myself, but I just need a break even for an afternoon. I really wish I had some family nearby. Now I'm going to go cry and then feed a baby or something.


Queenie. . . said...

I know you feel completely overwhelmed, but you'll have good days and bad days. You CAN get through it! Hope today is a little calmer for you. Just think of how great it will be to get through this year, and know that somehow, you managed it all.

~Jess said...

*HUGS* I wish I was closer so that I could swing by and help you out.

I know you guys will be able to handle it all: One step at a time.