Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Church outing...

The babies did great. I on other other hand am suffering from lack of sleep, start of classes, and just plain exhaustion because I did the following:

  • Used Shampoo as body wash
  • Lost the cheese I was using to make an omelet (I had it and then couldn't find where I put it)
  • Put my shirt on inside out
  • Only had one earring on
Awesome, but we made it, and were even early. The babies stared at the ceiling and lights for the first part of the service (Eli especially seemed to love the sparkling lights in the high ceiling of the church), slept for the second part, and then were awake at the end. 

The organ startled Eli a couple of times, but overall a very smooth experience. The babies of course attracted a ton of attention but our little hand washing signs are very effective at church. All of the older people are very diligent about not touching their hands (although that meant their little feet were fair game, which I'm good with at the moment since the feet aren't going into their mouths at this point). One cute little lady wanted to pinch Eli's cheeks (Who knew they actually did that), luckily she refrained herself, and we get to hear stories about everyone's grand-babies. 

I imagine as my responsibilities at church increase the babies will stay home with Marcus, because he won't be able to handle both at once, I can't very well preach and hold a baby at the same time, and I'm not comfortable sending them to the nursery with older kids.  Especially, as it starts to get colder. I really don't want to expose them to all of the potential cold and flu this winter, but for now things went okay. 

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~Jess said...

I'm glad the church outing went well...I'm seriously thinking about making a "wash your hands before touching mine" sign for us. I just know all the people at church will doing that (and they're all old, and always sick!).

The whole winter/cold thing has me very nervous.