Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 month appointment

The babies had their 4 mth. check up and shots. Everything is going well.

Eli weighs 13lbs 4oz and is in the 15% for weight, his head is still 50% and he's not on the chart yet for length.

Emerson is 11lbs 7oz, and not yet on the charts but getting closer and following a nice growth curve. Our pedi. is still worried about Emerson's hips though, so we're going to do a follow up with an pediatric orthopedic doctor (or something) just to make sure everything is okay.

They also qualified for the Synagis (RSV shot) so that's a big relief, and we'll start those shots next month. It's one shot a month until March (I think).

She also stressed the importance of Marcus and I getting the flu shots this year, so we'll being doing that ASAP.

Then they had their shots. During their oral Rotovirus vaccine both babies just kept grinning at the nurse. It was hysterical she couldn't get the vaccine in their mouth because every time she would put some in, they would smile and it would all dribble out. The nurse kept laughing hysterically. She mentioned that babies aren't usually so happy during this.

Of course those happy smiles disappeared during the injections, but the crying was short lived, and right after I picked Eli up he smiled with tears running down his face, he's pretty forgiving. My Poor adorable babies, Marcus and I both hate the shots I think we almost get more sad then they do.

Then they both pretty much slept the rest of the afternoon, since that's how they seem to react to shots.

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~Jess said...

That's great that they tolerate all of the shots so well...or are at least so forgiving after them.

YAY for both of them growing well: It's hard to believe they've almost tripled (right?) in size.