Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lenten Journey in Pictures - Feb.

During the season of Lent I'm participating in a photo-a-day series using the above rubric. It's been a really fun creative way to put an image to the words. This is what I've done thus far for the month of February.

Day 1: Who am I? (Emerson took this picture)

Day 2: Return - A return to the state where I grew up

Day 3: See
Day 4: Injustice 
Day 5: Settle 
Day 6: World - Mine was never the same

Day 7: Wonder at the mystery of God's grace
Day 8: Evil: How are we all complicate in the evil around us? 
Day 9: Love: Be Love
 Day 10: Spirit - Emmy and her Godparent Delfin

Day 11: Live

Day 12: Vision: A new vision for the ministry of the church
Day 13: Cover- Don't cover who you Are
Day 14: Lift- high the cross

Day 15: Hear (a parishioner listening to me preach)

Day 16: Earthly - Emmy is amazed at the new growth in our grass


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