Monday, February 18, 2013

Want to see my week...

This past week was crazy busy and I think in many ways represents a lot of what it means to be both a mom and a pastor.

Monday - I spent 5 hours in a "faux" interview for my upcoming commissioning interview. The next big step in my ordination process. 

Tuesday - Eli & Emmy made it through 1.5 hours of school before I had to go pick them up. Eli went to urgent care and was diagnosed with pneumonia.

 He got a big kick out of the fact that this was a fishy. He also was so proud that he remembered to bring Emerson home a sucker from the doctor. He got home from the doctor at 9pm and was disappointed that sissy was already in bed. He had it hidden behind his back and said, "Sissy guess what I got for you"

Wednesday - I worked from home in the morning and early afternoon with my sick babies. We worked on homemade valentines. Emerson was insistent that she make the cards for her friends at school.

Emerson gets a little excited about her "E"
After Marcus got home on Wednesday I headed to the streets to do "Ashes to Go" A ministry that brings Ashes to people, if they can't get to church. Not super successful in my city haha but it was a nice thought.
 A few scenes from the street.
Then Ash Wednesday worship, followed by my young adult small group.

Thursday - My babies were still too sick for school so I delivered their valentines. My mother in law is here and I pack my bags for Las Vegas to attend a church related conference for young adult clergy and lay people.  

When my ride arrives for the airport the kids slam the door and lock it. I think they'll be just fine in the capable hands of their grandma and their dad haha
By thursday evening I'm on top of the stratosphere in Las Vegas for a mixer with other clergy and lay leader folks. After the stratosphere had my first encounter with Korean Karaoke. Best thing ever! If you haven't experienced it you must. It's brilliant. Back to my room by 1:30am, then sleep.

Friday - Conference most the day with amazing inspiring talks and music. Wonderful change of pace after a busy early week. 
Loved it. 

Friday night - Down to Fremont street in vegas. Some some interesting things... home by 1:30am

Saturday - More conference in the morning, then down to the strip for some sight seeing.

Got to hang out with some fellow clergy. We're all alums of the same undergraduate university. (Haven't seen one of these friends for 5 years so great to reconnect in Vegas)

Then in true Vegas fashion time for a buffet. We sat there for 3 hours eating, laughing and talking. Then I learned how to play craps. (I didn't actually play) but I watched for 1.5 hours and asked a lot of questions. Game 90% mastered. (Jack Black may or may not have been at our craps table, photographic evidence exists on another cell phone) Home that night at 2am.

  Sunday - Morning worship and the close of the conference. Had Vietnamese food for the first time, then headed to Hoover Dam before our flight home.

Many jokes about my height over the course of the weekend. (The others are crouching down in this picture I am not haha)
 Then we grew!! (Or the wall got shorter either way). I asked everyone to pose for this picture and surprisingly they did. 

Good times with some new and old friends.

Sunday night arrive home from vegas around 9pm. Talk to my in-laws for 30 minutes and pass out asleep.

Monday morning - Day off from work and home with my babies who in true form have been amusing me by saying hilarious things all day.

Emmy: "Could I have some paper and scissors, I won't cut my hair."
Me: I'm not sure I believe you...

Emmy: Mom why do tomatoes hurt our elbows? 

Eli: I can't find my spoon! I can't find my spoon! (He stuck in the back of his pants *shaking my head*)

I'm exhausted but fulfilled. How was your week?

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