Saturday, February 9, 2013

They made a fort...

Eli & Emerson play really well together 90% of the time, and even though they can destroy my clean home in about 2.3 seconds I mostly allow them to just play. They're little, play is healthy and good.

They love to take every single blanket and sheet they can find and do things with them. A couple of days ago they used our dining room table and an assortment of blankets to make their "cave".

They were pretty disappointed when they had to stop playing and go to bed, but I told them we could leave it up. So the next morning they climbed in and slide their plates of waffles underneath.

I love listening to them create stories and play. Even if I don't like the constant mess.

In other news I was trying to finish my sermon tonight and my entire family was being so loud. I jokingly told them all I was going to run away.

Of course Emerson decided she would come too. When I asked where we should go her suggestion, "Ikea and Costco" 

Sounds good to me. 

And speaking of Ikea, last time we went there they found this rocking moose. Climbed on and wouldn't get off. 

At least they were sharing I guess...

Good night. 

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Jess @ said...

Eli looks super excited!

Ikea sounds like a good idea to me :-)