Thursday, February 28, 2013

My baby is sick again & a new diagnosis...

Eli was diagnosed with pneumonia 2 weeks ago. He finished his antibiotics and he seemed better.  Then yesterday the symptoms started all over again, constant coughing, wheezing, trouble breathing, lack of energy, fever.

Off to the doctor this morning. After 2.5 hours, 2 breathing treatments and a chest x-ray (which scared Eli to death poor baby).

We learned that Eli has asthma. And while he is sick right now, hence the fever, the asthma is what makes a simple illness turn into a breathing nightmare.

The doctor gave him steroids and we were given an inhaler to use.

We have to go back to the doctor tomorrow to recheck his o2 stats and his breathing and then we'll make an appointment to learn how to manage his asthma and prevent further visits to the doctor for breathing issues from things like colds.

My poor sick baby, sat cuddled in my lap for the entire two hours (which is really really unlike him).

There was a moment when his hand was resting on my chest just like it did when he was a baby, and I had a hard time believing how big my 3lb boy had gotten.

We came home after the doctor and we both fell asleep for several hours.

I'm happy to report that Emerson went to school alone for the first time today and she did great. No issues at all!

Such a trooper with the breathing treatments. 
I think he fell asleep on the ride home mid-lick (which is why his tongue is out) Poor baby really wanted the sucker but had no energy to actually eat it. He held it for hours today.

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Jess @ said...

Poor kiddo! I hope he's doing better soon.