Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today made me tired...

I'm honestly too exhausted to go into details about today but we had some less than stellar moments.

The day started with me having my 6 am prayer service, crawling back into bed, Marcus leaving early for a training, and both Eli and Emerson crawling into bed with me.

I fell back asleep, Eli & Emmy did not. Very bad parenting move on my part. I woke up to discover that they had an entire box of chocolate for breakfast.

Then, later in the afternoon I was separating the laundry and they were playing quietly (or so I thought). Emerson brought me her pig, covered in maple syrup and said, "wash mama, bubba did it."

Curious to see what he did, I found him with a bottle of maple syrup. He poured it everywhere. Inside their car, inside his toy stroller, all over our sidewalk, all over himself. He was having a great time.

I got the hose out to try and clean everything up, and Eli and Emerson decided this would be a good moment to play in the water (our hose doesn't fit quite right and a lot of water shoots of at the spout).

The only saving grace is that he took the maple syrup outside and not in the house.

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Queenie. . . said...

I know it wasn't good to deal with in the moment, but these are the days you will look back on and cherish. The mental image of the two of them into a box of chocolate, and then the syrup, is just priceless!

Merry christmas to all of you.