Saturday, December 17, 2011

They're not Santa Fans...

I felt like a bad mom for the few seconds that it took to take the picture, but I just had to do it.

This was our third trip to visit Santa. I was hoping that with a few visits they would get comfortable and I wouldn't have to deal with crying kids. (I really, really don't want them to ever feel uncomfortable or scared for a photo opt. It's never my first option). 

Our second trip went really well. Eli brought his stuffed puppy to meet Santa and asked for candy. He must have forgotten because today it was just tears for both of them.

However, as soon as it was over they both thanked Santa for their candy and happily wandered off with their candy cane, so it must not have been too traumatizing. All day today Emerson has been saying, "Santa, candy, I crying," she's pretty matter-of-fact about the whole experience. 

P.S. Isn't Santa's face hilarious? We had three options to chose from but when I saw Santa's face in this one I couldn't resist. 

They also really like Santa from a distance, they mostly just don't want to sit with him. 

P.S.S. In another episode of weird things people say. We were at the grocery store and a women asked if they were twins. (That's not weird, it's pretty standard). Then she says, "Oh look how cute, your daughter is blinking."

Umm... why yes she is.


Queenie. . . said...

Santa is hilarious. When they are older, they will treasure this picture!

~Jess said...

Blinking huh? Wow that's impressive :-P People say such funny things lol

I have to admit, I love the picture (and Santa's face). We'll see how Santa goes on Christmas Eve.

foxy said...

so cute! Your kids really are adorable - even when they are so sad...
I suspect that you will treasure this pic for many many years to come ;)