Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Final Christmas Post...

Surely Christmas deserves three posts right? Well even if it doesn't that's what it got.

Christmas morning this year was different because Christmas fell on a Sunday and I had to lead worship. My immediate thoughts weren't really on Christmas but instead work.

Eli and Emerson went to bed so late on Christmas eve they didn't wake up until after 9 (much to Marcus' disappointment he was very excited about Santa).

Eli came out first and didn't know what to make of the scene in our living room. He held back and just stared at the toys.

Emerson emerged a few minutes later and slowly made her way up to the new toys, which then allowed Eli to go to. The trikes were the immediate favorite, especially for Eli he spent all day sitting on his trike.

They also both found a sucker in their stockings from Santa and were really excited to be allowed candy in the morning. Emmy kept saying, "Thank you Santa Sucker" I'm pretty sure the sucker and the trike would have been sufficient for both of them.

After discovering the suckers in their stockings. It was christmas so they were allowed to eat them in the morning (yuck). 

They got some new hats from their sunday school teacher. Emmy wore her new piggy hat for most of the morning. 

Eli is an aspiring photographer. He's obsessed with our camera and was even more taken with it when he discovered our tri-pod. On Christmas Eve he had the camera and kept taking pictures and saying, "Happy Birthday"

Christmas made me tired. 
New Sleeping bags from Gram and Grandad

Christmas dinner. After a bath we sat them on the counter and essentially spoon fed them real food. After a day of candy and cookies they needed to be forced to eat something of substance.

Eli wasn't really into unwrapping presents. He mostly wanted to eat candy and sit on his new bike. Emmy understood the idea of opening presents but she went very slowly. We were still unwrapping around 2pm.

Then we had Eli and Emmy lay down and watch a movie in hopes they would nap (they didn't). I did though :~).

It was a very nice Christmas. I'm so glad my in-laws could join us. 

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~Jess said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! Those are some fantastic photos of the kids :-) I especially like the one of someone sleeping on the couch ;-)