Friday, December 9, 2011

It's washing day...

For Eli's blanket and Emerson's piggy.

Cue, epic meltdown times two. With cries of "Piggy, piiiggggyyyyy" & "blankie, blankie"

Poor kids, I hope they wash and dry quickly.

Do your kids freak out when it's time to wash their security item?


foxy said...

oh my gosh i can remember sitting next to the washing machine screaming while my favorite pillow was washed. I was in first grade maybe? It was terrible. I can only remember it being washed once though, so either my parents figured out how to clean it without me knowing, or they just gave up and let the thing go dirty because clearly a dirty pillow was less dramatic for everyone . I had that pillow thru college!

~Jess said...

Poor kids! Such a mean mommy you are:-p. ave still has not formed an attachment to anything but her paci. At this rate she'll have it in college. However I sucked my fingers until I was 14, and since I was little I've always had to have a teddy bear or lamb fleecy to wrap my pinky in it's fur. I'm 29 and I still sleep with a rather sad, and getting sadder, looking teddy bear.