Thursday, December 29, 2011

Library Love...

Last week, I decided after living in Mayberry for almost 6 months it was time to check out the library. I'm a huge book lover but I have had my reasons for avoiding it. (Mostly because a member of my congregation works there and for some reason that bothered me).

However, I decided to get over that weird little quirk of mine and so off Eli, Emerson and I went. The library is tiny, which I already knew, and the selection was minimal. Plus, there were books on the shelf that in my opinion should always be checked out. (Also a few of the books I checked out had never been read despite being the shelf for several years, poor lonely library books). Although considering 70% of the community I live in is Spanish speaking and there's only a few shelves with Spanish books explains some of this.

Emmy loved the library. She picked a few books of the shelf. Grabbed a chair and immediately set about reading them.

It was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen and had it just been her and I that day it would have been a very pleasant library expedition.  (I apologize for the picture it's from my cell phone).

Eli also had a great time. He found a stool with wheels on it...

He might have rolled himself all over the library. Maybe... I can't say for sure.

Anyways, Emerson was very excited at the prospect of choosing a few books to take home with us and when you let a 2 year old pick out their own library books this is what you get:
1. Maisy's Halloween by Lucy Cousins
2. El Comercio por Patria E. Gutman
3. Quique Duerme Fuera de Casa por Bernard Waber

A halloween book and two books in Spanish. I found her selections hilarious. Although I really don't mind reading to them in Spanish. Eli also grabbed a few books of the shelves, they were from the adult fiction section and he was just being naughty (this has been an issue lately) to avoid trying to figure out where they came from I just checked them out.

And, because I live in Mayberry as soon as I arrived home from the library, the librarian (the member of my congregation called me about something pertaining to the library). Oh small town living... it's weird, and there's no such thing as being anonymous.

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~Jess said...

Anonymity doesn't exist in small towns! During the summer/fall I took Ave quite a bit, I think I spent more time running after her and redirecting than getting books :-P