Saturday, December 31, 2011

I learned a very important lesson last night...

just say no to muscle relaxers. Last night at around 1 am I got desperate for some kind of relief. My legs has been aching horribly all day long (this is actually pretty standard for me, but it was worse yesterday for some reason). I tried everything I could to fix them.

Hot bath = no relief
Tylenol = didn't even make a dent in the pain
Wrap my legs tightly in a blanket = I was desperate but nothing.

I was exhausted and in pain and so I stumbled to our medicine cabinet and saw some muscle relaxers. The instructions said, "Take as needed for muscle pain." So I decided this was such an occasion and I took one. A little while later I fell asleep the pain in my legs gone.

Here's the problem, 12 hours later (one in the afternoon), I still wasn't able to function as a human. The medication was still taking effect and I could not shake the drug induced haze that surrounded me.

I kept trying to move, get myself out of bed, after all I have a sermon to write, a newsletter article to finish, a book to read. Not to mention I just needed to get out of bed. (Thank goodness Marcus has the day off).

Here I am it's 3:46 pm. I don't have any pain but I'm pretty sure I could nod off to sleep any second.

Just say no to drugs, that's the lesson I've learned. Muscle relaxers are not for me.


Anyone have a similar experience? Is this normal to feel like a zombie 16 hours later? I don't hurt, but I can barely stay awake.

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Becks said...

I think that's probably more a sign that your body is REALLY tired. When I started taking medication for my fibromyalgia, I had a similar experience. I finally, FINALLY wasn't in pain, but I fell asleep as soon as I took it, and I could NOT wake up until 10 hours later when it wore off. I think this was happening because my body was so sleep deprived that it desperately needed to catch up. I had to be really careful about taking it more than 10 hours before I needed to wake up in the morning!

Once I caught up on sleep though (about 6 weeks later), everything went back to normal. I've been taking it for almost 5 years now, and it hasn't had that effect on me since those first few weeks.