Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I think the full moon/eclipse...

brought out the crazy in people. Yesterday was my day off and I went into the office today and was met with one ridiculous drama after another. I really wish I could be more specific but it's probably not appropriate for me to discuss the crazy in a public forum.

So in adorable baby news we taught Eli & Emerson Ring around the Rosy and they are hysterical. They have a whole set of rules

1.) All four of us must play or it's not good enough for them. I was trying to play with just Eli & Emmy but that was unacceptable and Eli went and got his dad.

2.) Eli & Emerson must hold each others hands. Marcus and I tried alternating ourselves but this was unacceptable as well and both Eli & Emerson went and found the other.

3.) This isn't so much a rule, but babies trying to hold hands is a more complicated task then I anticipated, it always takes them a couple of attempts to get it right, but then it's super cute.

4.) The falling down part is still not fully understood. Today Emerson walked over to me and then fell onto my lap.

5.) Laughing the entire time seems to be a requirement

6.) And signing "more" as soon as "we all fall down" is essential, so we repeat and repeat and repeat.

They're just so adorable these days.

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~Jess said...

Those kids crack me up!