Thursday, December 16, 2010

And the excitement just keeps on coming...

We could really use a break at the moment. To summarize our current woes:

1.) Our car is broken (as is evident from the last post) even though we just spent almost $900 to "fix" it.

2.) Marcus has a broken tooth which needs immediate dental attention. Problem, Marcus does not currently have any kind of health insurance. He's going tomorrow to a clinic to see what they can do for him.

3.) I got my endoscopy results back today and it wasn't really good news. The endoscopy revealed that I do have some issues from the Crohns throughout my intestines. I'm now to double my medication intake meaning I'll now take 12 pills a day (and these pills are so incredibly expensive).

Those are the major new things which occurred today. My brother's solution to all of this is for Marcus to join the National Guard... um probably not. Although in my brothers defense he's a recruiter so he can't help himself. (And if it weren't for the whole basic training, war thing the National Guard may not be a bad option and I NEVER thought I would ever say that).

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