Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My christmas post is coming soon I just haven't had the energy to put it together. Eli, Emerson and I are all sick and we spent the day lying on the couch..., well I was lying on the couch, Emerson was laying on me, and Eli was also laying on me. We were a pathetic pile of sick, but I did enjoy the cuddling with the babies.

Emerson also had a very important milestone today. She finally alerted me that she needed a new diaper. First she brought me the wipes and then tugged on her old diaper, then she brought me over a clean diaper and laid down so I could change it. Brilliant!

This is the first time she's shown any kind of awareness I hope she keeps it up, and I we're all feeling better soon.

Hope everyone had a good holiday.

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