Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super busy week...

I haven't had a day off all week and I'm exhausted. I knew this time of year would be extra busy at work but I didn't fully anticipate how that would make me feel physically. The exhaustion coupled with the car breaking stress and some other issues has left me spent.

Luckily, my dad drove over yesterday to fix our car. Turns out the mechanics who "fixed" our car last week forgot to put some vital screws back in, which then resulted in some more problems. Me = not happy with the mechanics. I want a refund or a reduction in what we paid at the very least.

Yesterday and today has been all about work. We had our dress rehearsal for the Christmas program yesterday and then the actual performance was today. I grew up in a small church where there wasn't a lot of competition for space. Our church has been slammed with activities and each one required a different set up.

Last night the church hosted a musical concert for the community. The performers insisted that we strip the sanctuary including removing 7 pews from our choir loft, and moving 100 poinsettias, plus the altar and a bunch of other things (most of which ended up in my office but that's a whole other issue).

Then everything had to be put back in for our 8:30am worship service, and then it had to be rearranged yet again for the children's program at 9:15 (but first the choir had a brief rehearsal in the sanctuary, why they weren't in their choir room I have no idea).

Then after the children's program we had to bring in even more poinsettias plus move everything around again. It was exhausting. The program went really well and the congregation had only positive things to say. I'm just glad it's over.

Although some of the kids just crack me up. Yesterday at our rehearsal I had the following conversation with a little 4 year old.

4 year old: Do you live here?

Me: Nope I just work in the church but I have a different home.

4 year old: Do you work here everyday or just sunday? (which is a surprisingly common question/assumption especially among my brother-in-laws and they're much older than 4).

Me: I have some days off each week.

4 year old: Does God live here?

Me: Well kind of but not really... God lives everywhere

4 year old: Where is God?

Me: um... well God is everywhere all the time and in our hearts.

She pondered this thoughtfully for a few moments and then went back to talking with her cousin. haha, sometimes it's the kids that ask the best/most challenging questions.

Now onto the Christmas eve services and the sunday morning service on the 26th. I need a vacation.

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~Jess said...

That is insane! Our church is a small church and doesn't have any of those things....sometimes I wish it did.

Hopefully the garage will give you something back.