Monday, December 20, 2010

Baking & Cooking makes me feel stupid...

Generally speaking I'd consider myself to be fairly intelligent. Yet, for some reason I cannot cook or bake without screwing something up. This started in 7th grade home ec, where I burnt my rice Krispie treats, didn't turn the oven on for my chocolate chip cookies, forgot the flour in the snicker-doodles, and turned my orange julius green.

Then in 10th grade I took a foods class and didn't fair much better. My attempts to make Potato Cheese soup always ends with Marcus and I in a fight, and it's really just not something I enjoy. Yet, there's something about Christmas that requires baking. My mom used to make dozens and dozens of cookies each christmas and it was always one of my favorite parts of the holidays. So in an attempt to make the holidays happy and cheerful for my children I'm attempting to make Christmas cookies for the first time and I've already screwed up and had to throw an entire batch of sugar cookies away.

Apparently, when the recipe requires the "creaming" of ingredients it's important to follow that step. I just threw everything in a bowl together and noticed the creaming part too late. I figured it would be fine... it was not. *sigh* At least round two of the sugar cookies went better, it does indeed seem to work better when the creaming of ingredients occurs.


In a totally unrelated note Emmy did the most adorable thing today. Eli and Emmy were both laying down drinking their bottles. Emerson looked over and noticed that Eli's blanket was not with him.

So she stood up, grabbed his blanket, and brought it over to  Eli. Then returned to her spot on the floor, laid back down and continued drinking her own bottle. So incredibly adorable.

Later, Eli brought Emerson her blanket. As she reached for it Eli snatched it back, and took off running at full speed. Trying to persuade Emerson to chase him. This is how he repaid her for her thoughtfulness  haha.


~Jess said...

Too funny with the kids: Eli's going to be a trouble maker lol

I've never not creamed the butter, sugar and I want to try it just to see what happens.

I wish you guys were closer.

sadie607 said...

Jess don't try it. It's not a good plan. I wish we were closer too. And see you as a excellent baker and cook know to always cream stuff, I just suck.

And yes Eli is already a little trouble maker it's a good thing he's so cute.