Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quirky things about my kids (Part II)...

Part I is here. Since the last one was about Eli this one is about my silly little Emerson. Lately she's developed quite the personality and so much of it cracks us up and amazes us.

1.) She carries things around like a dog by putting them in her mouth and just keeping them there. It's actually pretty genius she gets to carry things around and still have her hands free. The funny thing is she does it with everything. It doesn't matter what it is. Every time we look at her she has another thing hanging out of her mouth.

2.) She's discovered eyelashes. She will quietly sit and just feel her lashes. She also does this with mine while I'm feeding her, and today she did it to Eli's while he was laying on the floor (and he really didn't seem to mind). It's adorable to watch her tiny little fingers delicately touch the eye lashes. She seems utterly intrigued by their presence. 

3.) She sings when my MIL's clock chimes. Lately she has started humming sweet little melodies. I had no idea babies did that but it's among the sweetest things I have ever heard. When the clock chimes she always seems to start.

Now if she would only get over her separation anxiety and allow me to leave her sight without having a total meltdown we would be in business. (Oh, and sleeping through the night and napping would be nice too). 

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