Monday, June 21, 2010

Can you guess what we spent our day doing...


We dropped the babies off with my mom and went to a local coffee shop to apply for jobs. Fun times, fun times. I can't get over how time consuming the process is. Hopefully we both find something soon so we can get out of here. It's not that I dislike my hometown I have just grown accustom to living in larger communities. Today for example Marcus and I wanted to go somewhere with wifi to work on our applications, easy right? We thought maybe the library would be the logical place... yeah no wifi. 

There were decidedly few places to go to do any kind of work. Two local coffee shops or two of our casinos. Awesome just where I want to work in a smoke filled casino. We need a good local bookstore or a library who can get with the program a little bit. Exasperated I looked at Marcus and asked, "Where do people go to do work around here?" Which is just a sign that I've been a student for the last 7 years and my "work" has involved a constant connection to books, my laptop, and the internet. 

The babies seem to be feeling a little better today. For the first time in about a week they both seem to be holding down their formula and we made it through the day without any throwing up. (Thank the lord). Emerson had a huge attitude with my mom today. She usually has some separation anxiety but once we leave she's usually fine within a few minutes. Not today, today for my mom she screamed at the top of her lungs for 3 hours. Then as soon as we arrived to pick her up she stopped and smiled at my mom. Any one have any great suggestions on how to fix that battle? She's so stubborn and has the longest attention span. One would think a baby would get tired and just calm down, but not Emerson when she decides she doesn't want to do something that it's there's no changing her mind (This includes things like naps and going to bed at night). It's a constant battle as she fights these things. 

Marcus starts a job here tomorrow which will just be a source of some income while we both continue to search for our "real jobs". 

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