Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quirky things about my kids (Part I)...

Lately each day Eli attaches himself to random object and he must be possession of that object at all times or he has a total melt down. This object isn't something normal like a blanket or a stuffed animal or even a toy. Instead it's weird things like a candy wrapper that Marcus accidently dropped on the ground. Or one of the most recent a strip of plastic off of a pepperoni package.
You can see it in his left hand in this picture. For days every where Eli went this piece of garbage went with him. He didn't chew on it he merely held onto it for dear life. If we took it away for any reason he had a total melt down until we gave it back and if he dropped it he immediately retrieved it not wanting to be separated for even a second.

He did the same thing with his birthday balloon. For several days everywhere Eli went the balloon followed (which was tricker because when it still had helium it often went to the ceiling. Eli would hold his hand up trying to reach it).
Pulling up with the balloon

Cruising with the balloon

Using the balloon as a pillow (as he clings tightly to the string).

At my friends recent engagement party Eli became attached to the thing used to crack open the lobsters. He was distraught to discover we couldn't take that home with us. 

He has it in his hand in this picture. 

We obviously don't let him sleep with any of these things because often they're not the most kid friendly but the whole thing is totally bizarre but really adorable too. Marcus and I like seeing what new object he becomes attached too. (Sometimes they're really big and seeing him crawl around and pull up with larger objects is quite the sight).

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Debbie said...

Personally.....I think that's the cutest thing ever.
I wonder if he'll have a box of treasures when he is a bit older? Stuff that makes no sense to anyone but him?