Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And now...

We're in Minnesota, because we're insane, (and for a family wedding) but mostly because I think we're insane. In less than a week Marcus and I have been in 14 or 15 states. We drove to Idaho last night to stay with my sister since that's where we were flying out from. It was great to see her cute little house and she was such a great hostess. I love seeing my little sisters turning into adults (which I know sounds weird) but I've always just thought of them as little girls and then all of a sudden she's living in a house, cooking me dinner and breakfast and giving me a place to stay.

Then today we caught our flight, had a connection in Utah, and now here we are in a hotel in Minnesota. The babies did amazing today the only problem is Emerson slept on both flights and now it's 11:30 pm and she's just ready to go. At least 50% of my babies are currently sleeping.

We also took them to the ER yesterday to have their ears checked. Which is a whole other drama. I called every single doctor in my hometown and the doctors who were willing to see them didn't have any room in their schedules and the other doctors just refused to see them and told us to go to the ER. I wanted to scream I was so frustrated. It takes two seconds to look into a babies ear and see if it's infected. (I miss my Pedi. who always saw the babies at the drop of a hat). More stupid transition stuff that with time I'm sure will work itself out.

The babies didn't have ear infections thank goodness just a virus that's going around. They seem to be feeling better today, I however am now sick. (It probably has something to do with 14 states in 6 days, no sleep, and two babies sneezing in my face).


Carlita said...

Just reading your blog makes me tired sometimes!

~Jess said...

It is funny to see much younger siblings growing up (my sister has her first date tonight).

Seriously, I think you guys need a major break!

I'm glad the babies didn't have ear infections, but hopefully they feel better soon.