Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pukefest 2010 (Possibly TMI) ...

The fun never seems to end with us. On Monday night Emerson threw up, multiples times. In the process I discovered dealing with puking babies is so not my forte, as she threw up all over me and I worked incredibly hard to maintain my own composure. (Luckily Marcus seems not to be bothered by all of this). Not to mention a sick, barfing baby is one of the saddest things ever. Then yesterday Eli got sick too only he threw up millions of times (okay not millions but it sure did seem that way). Neither baby could keep anything down, they wouldn't take water or apple juice or any clear liquids, and so off to urgent care we went. (Have I mentioned we're still in Minnesota). The doctor and the urgent care were great and we were in and out in a matter of about an hour.

We were suppose to fly back this morning but luckily we were able to change our flight (thank you Delta airlines for taking pity on us and waiving the $300 fee). Then to add to the excitement I also got sick last night. All night long and now this morning. The babies seem to be feeling slightly better although poor Eli is still so lethargic and whiney, and now my cousin, aunt, and grandpa all have it too.

Yup, we sure do know how to have fun on a vacation. We're attempting our flight tomorrow and hoping for the best. I have a feeling it could possibly be one of the worst flight experiences of my life. We're also hoping that Marcus doesn't get it.


JustaKidAtHeart said...

sorry you arnt feeling better. Hope the flight isnt as bad as you think it will be. poor things.

Carlita said...

Oh my. It sounded like you guys were really enjoying yourselves. I hope it passes very quickly. There is nothing worse than sick babies.