Monday, June 7, 2010

Not the greatest day...

Today kind of sucked for a variety of reasons.

1.) A job rejection from the interview I had yesterday. Although I will say I appreciate their promptness with all of this. (The last job took weeks to go through the process before I had a clear answer). They told me that they decided to go with a candidate who has 5 years experience, but should that not work out for whatever reason I'm next in line for the job. It was just such a disappointment, especially since I took a chance in not taking the other job I was offered back east. So the job hunt continues and I'm hoping something comes along soon.

2.) Meeting with my Grandma. It's way too complicated to get into the specifics of why this contributes to a bad day, but I'm not close with her, I don't really know her, and I felt uncomfortable having her around my kids. We did meet at a park and only for about 30 minutes because I couldn't think of a graceful way to get out of it without seeming like an awful person.

3.) Emerson fell down a couple of the stairs in my in-laws house. I am so not used to being in a two story home. We usually have a gate up but it was down because both babies were napping. Then Emerson woke up so Marcus brought her down from upstairs and then he went outside to unload some more of our car. Then Eli woke up and without even thinking at all I went up to get him. (Not thinking about the stairs and the gate). Emerson was only on the first or second stair when she fell but she has a huge bruise/knot on her head. Poor baby I'm clearly mother of the year.

4.) Both babies have fevers and if I were to guess they probably both have ear infections. I've talked with urgent care and we're treating the fever with pain relievers tonight and seeing how they sleep. If they get worse we'll probably take the them in.

So yeah.. I've had better days.

That said I am trying to remain positive in the midst of this transition stage and not let myself get overcome with worry and anxiety so to uplift the positive...

1.) Happy babies swinging for the first time at the park (despite Emerson's bump on the head which I think worries me and Marcus the most) she seems to be be just fine.
The both loved swinging, and they both fit really well in one swing.

2.) Home cooked meals. Marcus and I never really cooked much and after the babies were born grocery shopping took a huge backseat to things like school, sleep, and surviving the day to day. One nice thing about staying with my in-laws is eating actual meals. They make me feel a little more human.

3.) Sunsets. While living in Connecticut Marcus and I always noted that the sun just seemed to disappear there was no real beauty in it. Not at all like the summer skies we're used too. 

Which come alive and glow as the sun sets. (This isn't the best picture since it was taken on my phone in a parking lot). I forgot how much I love the sunsets over here.

Just trying to keep some perspective. It's not all bad. 


Stacie said...

I am so sorry about the job. Hugs.

Boy your kids are adorable!

Debbie said...

I'm really sorry about the job Sadie...I didn't realize you didn't get it when I started talking about "phone interviews". I hope (know) that something will come your way soon.
The sunsets out here "are" beautiful.....and I had to laugh about "one nice thing" about staying at my in-laws. ( just struck me as funny). It really sucks (for anyone) when they don't have their own space, as you are used to. Like I said, I think an opportunity will come your way soon.
And now...the pressure is on: HOMECOOKED MEALS. LOL

Carlita said...

Sorry about the day. I know from personal experience how much phone interviews stink and how it feels to be without a job in this economy. If a perspective employer could just catch a glimpse of this blog, they would see that you are basically a superhuman who should not be passed over.

That also sucks about Emerson's head and the kids being sick. I hope it passed quickly. Luckily, it can't be that bad because they look great (and so does the sunset, welcome back to the west).

~Jess said...

I'm sorry about the job *hugs* Something as awesome as you are will come along soon :-)

Poor Emerson....and Eli...I hope they both feel better from their bumps and ear infections soon. They are so cute in their swing!

There's definitely a perk to having home cooked meals!

You gotta come to upstate NY for a sunset...our's can rival Wmca, NV. In the cities the sun just does disappear, but out in the open (of course NY isn't anywhere near as open as the west) they're pretty good :-)

Hang in there sweetie!
I had a weird dream last came to visit!