Monday, October 1, 2012

What I've been up too...

1.) I had a migraine for 5 days and basically couldn't really function. I went to work each day last week only to come home early. I finally got some pain meds. on friday and slept.

2.) Eli and Emerson are being a little bit challenging. At what point do kids grasp the concept of lying? Emerson lies. She flooded the bathroom sink. I caught her soaking wet in the bathroom, her response, "Eli did it." Um... no he didn't.

3.) Eli's doing better with school. Seems happier to go, started playing with some of the other kids and he's so proud of that, doesn't really cry anymore which both Eli and Emerson report back to us each day.

How was school? The response always "Eli not crying."

4.) Marcus has been coaching cross-country for 1.5 months and he's really enjoying it. He has a job interview this week for something totally outside of his field but it pays well. He's been studying to try and get up to speed before the interview. Here's hoping.

5.) Worship service for the homeless tonight. It was interesting, and powerful, and then interesting again.

6.) The senior pastor has been out of the country so it's just been me at the church. Thank goodness it's been pretty calm. Last time he left for vacation it was so busy with funerals and services.

7.) Those of you with wood floors how do you keep them clean. I feel like no matter how much we sweep and mop they're always a mess.

 How my family looked when I left for work this morning. All cozy in bed watching a tiny little ipod. Love those 3.

Good night. Exciting times at our house.


Jess @ said...

Glad you are all doing better.

I vacuum and then wash our floors with murphy's oil soap.

Queenie. . . said...

We always vacuum, rarely wash (not on purpose, but because we are busy). I put a nice big rug near the door to absorb the mud from the giant dog and the humans, which seemed to catch the dirt. I also try to get everyone to leave their shoes just inside the door. Even the almost-3 year old is trained to take her shoes off when she first comes in. It seems to work. Our floors rarely look dirty.