Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Good & Bad...

The Good : Marcus had a cross country meet and brought me the car at work so I could had a way to get home. (The joys of being a single car family).

The Bad: Marcus took the car keys with him to the out of town meet so I couldn't actually use the car.

The Good: Eli and Emerson go to the preschool at the church so at least I didn't need to drive any where to pick them up.

The Bad: The 3 of us were stuck at the church.

The Good: My church is located within walking distance of a million different places to eat, so for the first time in their lives I took them to a restaurant by myself.

The Bad: Being out numbered by tired 3 year olds in public is not really my favorite.

The Good: We all sat on the same side of the booth because they both wanted to sit by me. Emerson said, "We need a camera to take our picture."

The Bad: After we finished eating we still had no way to get home.

The Good: Eli & Emerson's preschool open house was tonight so at least we had something else to do at the church.

The Bad: Eli & Emerson were not suppose to attend the open house.

The Good: I'm the supervisor of the preschool staff so... oh well.

The Bad: By the time Marcus returned from the xc meet Eli, Emmy, and I had been at the church for 10 hours.

The Good: Home at last!

The Bad: Eli threw our last roll of toilet paper into the toilet... 3 year olds are not always so fun.

The Good: I had another 3 year old that was perfectly willing to reach into the toilet bowl and retrieve the entire roll, without even flinching.

So at least we ended the day on a high note. 


Debbie said...

Even when it's a rough always leave me with a smile on my face. :~)

Jess @ said...

Oh boy! Doesn't sound fun. Glad it all balanced out and ended on a good note ;-)