Saturday, September 22, 2012


Eli woke up this morning and said, "I want to see the airplanes."

He remembered that we mentioned we might go to the local airport for their airplane days. He was less than pleased when I told him I first had to go to work for a few hours, but when I came home 4 hours later, he reminded me again, "I'm not crying, I want to see the airplanes."

Eli is fascinated by most mechanical things in the world. Actually, he's just kind of fascinated by the world. He's quiet, and he likes to study things to try and figure out how they work. Often he'll see something and simply tell Marcus and I, "I'm going to watch" and then he'll fold his hand in front of him and do just that taking it all in.

They had the local Fire department there as well. So they were excited to see the truck up close.

Eli even had the chance to sit in the drivers sit (Emerson didn't want to).

They were able to explore all different parts of the truck. As a side note Emerson picks out her own clothes. That's a battle I don't really want to take on. She picked out her former Christmas dress, we had so many comments from people about how over dressed she was for the event haha. The outfit was completed with a pink sparkly hair clip.

For some reason Emmy loved being in the back of the police car. 

Eli also got to sit in an airplane. He really really wanted to go up in the air, but pretending to drive was fun too.

The pilot told Eli to do thumbs up. Eli doesn't know what that means apparently and put his arms up instead haha.

My cute co-pilots.

NASA was also hanging out today. Eli became an astronaut. 

And so did Emmy...

And me too. (Marcus wouldn't play haha)

Then we looked at some 3D images of mars

Fun stuff

Some other NASA things. Eli was pretty sure that this one was something he could fly since it was his size.

Standing in front of a plane for sale. Eli said, "I want to buy this plane" so I asked if he had any money. He seemed sad that he didn't haha.

There were a few animal friends out visiting the airport today too. Eli wanted nothing to do with them, but Emmy loved them. So it turned out there was a little something for everyone.

Eli got a police badge that he's been wearing all day and even took to bed with him, and a tattoo of some aviation wings. He's pretty ecstatic about the whole thing.

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Jess @ said...

Looks like a great time! How neat to have those experiences readily available!