Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Baseball fan...

Eli is such an interesting child full of contradictions. He's both shy and outgoing. He's thoughtful and loud. Gentle and rough. He's also hilarious and loves jokes and musics.

I think one of my favorite things about him is how he's truly content with what he has. Emerson always wants something. They're both obsessed with Santa (especially Eli) and Emerson can make a whole list of things she wants Santa to bring her.

Not Eli he's pretty happy with what he has. I asked him if he would maybe like a new bike, his response, "I already have a bike, I'm good."

At one point we were discussing puppies (the living kind). Eli says, "I already have a puppy see," then he shows us his stuffed puppy.

He's also hilarious to go to the store with. I was buying Emmy a new headband and Eli said, "we already have some at home, we don't need any more." He pretty much said this about anything I was contemplating purchasing that day.

 So because he's so content and truly doesn't ask or want for anything (except candy he has a huge sweet tooth) and time he gets something new he really really loves it.

Marcus found little balls and bats on clearance the other day and surprised the kids with them. Eli couldn't have been more excited.

He's been watching baseball and when he does, he throws with the pitcher and swings with the batter, following everything that's going on.

Now he can go through the motions with his own bat and ball.

We found him asleep in bed tonight with the ball in one hand and the bat in the other.

My sweet boy (with his puppy)

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Debbie said...

I love this picture (and the story) so much!