Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday & Egg Hunt...

Today is Palm Sunday and the start of the Holy Week Madness. When Marcus saw my schedule for the week he said, "Wow this is way harder than Christmas" haha. Yes it's a little more involved.

Yesterday, my church hosted a community egg hung, which included singing, craft, and story as well. Eli and Emerson were so anxious the entire morning to go and find the "eggies".

It was hard keeping them calm as they tried to wait patiently for 10am.

Emerson's Easter cross craft. 

Starting the egg hunt

Notice Eli's empty basket. He found one egg, opened it started eating the candy and was content. I finally urged him forward and had him pick up a few more. 

Emerson got a ton of eggs. She as an egg hunting fool. 

The bigger kids had a separate egg hunting area. 

And then Palm Sunday today. One of the great things about living here is we have palm trees. A member of our congregation just trims their trees and we have palms. 

We had a processional in church while we sang Hosanna!

And of course I had to do some more Hosanna yelling with the kids as we waved our Palms. 

Eli loved the Palms he walked around fanning everyone in the congregation. Eli and Emmy also handed out the palms to everyone. It was a good weekend, and a good start to Holy Week. 

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