Monday, April 23, 2012

Sleep Study update...

I'm so proud of my Emerson and how well she did at the sleep study. Emerson is afraid of all things doctor. Terrified... at her ENT appointment we literally couldn't get her to step on the scale.

Given all of this I figured the sleep study would be a disaster, but in an effort to lesson the blow we've been talking about the sleep study since it was first mentioned. We talked about how mama and Emmy would go sleep in a room. When we were there they would put things in her hair and on her face but it wouldn't hurt.

Then we looked at pictures and even watched a youtube video of a little boy doing a sleep study. I hoped that this preparation would help. Unfortunately since we didn't get much notice on the actual day of the sleep study I didn't do all the prep I would have liked.

She was so cute though when I told her we were putting on special pajamas and she could put her "stuff" in her backpack and just me and Emmy were going to a sleep study.

She kept telling Eli, "You stay here, me and mommy bubba."

Then she put her backpack on and said, "I'm ready to go."

Poor Eli on the other hand was so sad that he wasn't able to bye-bye in the car. Poor baby was sobbing as he watched us pull out of the driveway. Marcus said he cried for about 30 minutes.

As we drove to the children's hospital Emerson did ask about Eli and they talked to each other on the phone. "Hi sissy...hi Bubba, I yuv you, yuv you too."

So adorable.

When we got to the hospital we were early so we spent some time walking around the the grounds.
She loved the statues (Excuse the very bad cell phone pictures)

And the bushes shaped like giraffes. She wanted to take a picture to show daddy.
Then she was so sweet. She bravely got on the scale all by herself, she allowed the bracelet to be put on her wrist (Which she wouldn't allow last time). In the room she was in such a good mood. Happily laying her bed, and then we watched the lion King. 

The one thing about having twins is it's very rare to have one on one time with them. Even those these circumstances were not ideal I adored spending the time with her. 

She was so taken with my bed and kept saying, "Mama your bed"

Then it was time to get hooked up to all the wires. You could tell she was terrified by was trying to be brave and she was doing so good until they taped a microphone onto her next and put the tape on in a way that pulled when she moved. 

Then she lost it and started crying. Poor baby. I felt so bad because she was trying so hard.

(Yes she gets one bottle of water a day) But in this case it was a huge comfort to her. She calmed down and we both settled down to watch the rest of the movie. But first in a tiny little voice she said, "I call daddy". And when she started talking to Marcus her eyes welled up with tears as once again she was trying so hard not to cry, "Hi daddy, I come home."

I rubbed her back for a bit and she fell asleep and only woke up once the entire night. They kicked us out of the hospital at 5am and my tired brave girl and I stumbled to the parking lot, only to discover I could not remember where I parked the car.

Once again my sweet girl tried to hep, "hmmmm... where are car go" she was adorable. Then she would look at a car and say, "This not our car"

We arrived home around 6am. Emerson passed out in my bed for several hours. Eli was awake, Marcus went to work, I was incredibly sleep deprived and despite my best efforts could not stay awake. The best I can figure out Eli was having a fabulous time hanging out in the house pretty much unsupervised. Occasionally, I'd wake up and make sure he was okay and then fall asleep.

He managed to weave dental floss through the entire house while I was sleeping because he was "flossing his teef like daddy". I told Marcus to come ASAP from work, and I went and taught a Bible study feeling as though I was walking around in a fog.

We don't have the results yet, hopefully we'll find out soon if anything came from the study. 

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~Jess said...

I'm glad it went well....I don't even want to think how I would manage if it were ME having the study. GREAT job Emmy!