Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Recap 2012...

We had a great Easter. Eli and Emerson are getting old enough to understand things a little bit. They had a great time dying the "eggies" as they call them. Only 3 or 4 were broken in the process.

Eli couldn't help himself, and his hands ended up quite blue in the process. 

The finished result. 

Then we set the baskets out for the bunny.
The cutest thing is Emerson remembered the next morning. Usually when they wake up they both head straight to our bedroom. But on Easter morning Emerson headed right to the living room and said, "I see if Bunny here."

And the bunny did indeed come and visit our house. 

The loved their new chairs. Just like daddy's complete with a cup holder. 

Then off to church. Trying to get a picture of the two of them is difficult. I guess all things considering this picture isn't so bad. 

Then Emmy gave her brother some loves, and when she was done hugging him, Eli took the hug and threw it away. Haha this is a game they play they throw everything away. Hugs, kisses, our noses. 

I did my first baptism on Sunday. Such a wonderful and joyous occasion. Notice my daughter tugging on me. She doesn't like to share.

The family Easter picture on the steps of the Church.

After church we went to a party and dinner at the house of a member of my congregation. They had a bounce house and Eli and Emmy bounced for hours. They came out occasionally for water, and then right back in. And then another egg hunt. Much like our last one Eli was happy with just a few eggs and his candy.

While Emmy ran around grabbing every egg in sight. It was a nice Easter.

One of my favorite parts is that Emerson knows who Jesus is. I gave all the kids in my congregation an activity pack on Easter since we didn't have sunday school. Inside was a religious coloring book. At one point she said, "I coloring Jesus" and then she said, "I coloring a cross" She's learning something haha.

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