Tuesday, April 10, 2012

lenten goals update...

We made it through lent and Holy week. I'm still recovering from Holy Week to be honest. It was good but a lot of work. Three services is a lot to plan and organize in a short amount of time.

At the beginning of lent I gave up soda, Reese's Candy, and procrastination.

I did pretty well overall. I did have soda a few times during lent but hardly at all, I didn't have Reese's at all, and you want to hear a sad story. I got some Reese's from the easter bunny after not having any for 40+ days. I had a few but now I can't find them.

That's right I somehow lost my candy. I would like to blame Eli that boy loves his chocolate but I'm pretty sure this is all my fault. Sad times.

As far as procrastination I did much much better and it made my life about a million times better.

The best part is that during lent both Marcus and I started exercising. I had to stop for a couple of weeks in there, because I bought some awful shoes and ended up with some really serious pain I had to recover from but we've both been really committed, and during lent Marcus lost 16lbs and I lost 5lbs.

I bought a pair of jeans the other day and they were a size 4 (last time I bought jeans I was in a 6) so this is exciting.

Now to keep it up and stay motivated.

On a sad note Marcus Grandma passed away on Friday. I'm assisting with the service so that's been on my heart and mind lately.

I have lots of pictures from easter but I'm so exhausted and just don't have the energy right now. Perhaps tomorrow.

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~Jess said...

So sorry to hear about Marcus' grandma.

Glad you survived Holy Week though and did so well with your goals!