Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random notes...

~I'm typing one handed while rocking my little Eli. He needs/likes to be held a lot more than Emerson. This is not so great at night.

~My mom went home yesterday and I'm already missing the extra help. My mom makes taking care of two babies look easy. My mom had twins plus 4 other kids I have no idea how she did that but she's so good with them and good to me. She encouraged me to sleep often and took most of the night feedings. Come back mom.

~Emerson cries tears now and they make her look so sad it breaks my heart.

~I have no idea how to deal with two crying, hungry babies at once. Someone is always screaming which makes me feel bad and these kids are not quick eaters.

~Pumping sucks but I'm persisting because it's important to me that they get breast-milk. Although my supply soon won't be enough for both of them which is sad and frustrating.

~I haven't had time to eat today (which doesn't help with the above problem).

~Our last visit with the visiting nurse was this morning at 8:30am. She arrived when they were both hungry and screaming and was just in the way and complicating my life with a bunch of random questions. Both babies continue to grow according to her scale Eli is 6lbs 15oz and Emerson is 5lbs 10oz.

~Babies go through millions of diapers. Okay not millions but it feels like it we go through so many diapers. Speaking of diapers at the pediatricians office I learned that on pampers there's a yellow stripe on the diaper and if it turns blue that means it's dirty. I don't know how I missed this bit of information but it's one of my favorite new discoveries. So easy to tell if they need to be changed.

~Eli has discovered his thumb and is getting much better at keeping it in his mouth. He also outgrew almost all of his preemie clothes and is now wearing newborn (although those are a little big). As one of my friends said yesterday, "He almost looks like a normal baby."

~They both had a bath in the sink with their grammy. Eli still hates being bathed and cried the whole time, Emerson doesn't seem to mind. Eli also hates having his diaper changed and screams as soon as he hears the diaper tabs. Crazy kid.

~I might have dressed Eli in one of Emerson's purple sleepers. He had none clean (Emerson has more clothes because she has a girl cousin who shares with her). I also did it to bother his grammy. He didn't seem to mind.

~ I also attempted to get a footprint and handprint from each baby. What I accomplished was making two babies angry and messy. They weren't really too happy with the idea.

~Our desktop computer died (it was old over 6 years) and they can't recover anything from it. I think all of the pictures are backed up and all the recent pics are on the laptop (also backed up) but all of my papers from the last 6 years are gone unless I still have the hard copy. For some reason the loss of all of my work makes me really sad. So my PSA for the day: back up your pictures, documents, and music and back them up often.

I think I'll stop since I can't even remember what I've already written and I started writing this 2 hours ago and had to stop to feed the babies and pump. Now I think I'll eat.

One last thing I just went check on them and Eli had moved a little and was kicking his sister in the head, she didn't seem to mind. As much as they overwhelm me, and make me cry in the middle of the night from exhaustion, they're really quite cute and worth it.


JustaKidAtHeart said...

It will get better. Trust me it gets better. You will get out of the house and feel calm and proud. You are already doing better then I did with giving the babies breast milk (I only made it 4 days). If you ever need me email me at erick_amber@sbcglobal.net

Lastly if you havent already find your local MoMs group. They will help you.

Christi said...

you will do it like nothing soon. Just be glad you don't have a toddler running around too, that would make the twins seem so much harder. I agree...check in with you local MOMs chapter. If nothing else, you can find social support there.

Queen Mommy said...

Also, if you're working on breastfeeding, La Leche League can be a HUGE benefit. A friend of mine had someone come to her house for an entire day, just to work on getting her little boy breastfeeding. While she was there, she made dinner, did some cleaning, and folded laundry. HUGS! I know it's hard. My oldest had just turned 2 when the twins were born. One of the girls spent 3 weeks in the hospital, but the other one was hospitalized for 6 months before coming home with a trach, homecare nurses, and medical equipment. Even though I had help at home, it's still not easy! My best friend had twin boys back in March, and I was able to drive down to spend a few days with her when the babes were a couple of weeks old. It's a lot of work, (which is even harder when you're recovering from bedrest and your stamina is not what it was) but eventually it gets easier. Well, that, or you just give up on the idea of having an extra limb or two. :-)

Queen Mommy said...

Oh, and one other thought, you might want to consider looking at baby wraps/slings. Then you can hold one while still being hands-free, and some will allow you to wear both babies at the same time. There are many different types out there. If you find a store in your area where you can try some on to see what works best for you, then you can see about finding what you want on Craigslist or Freecycle too.....