Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last night...

was the worst night we've had with the babies since they've been home. I do want to start by saying that we have exceptionally good babies. For the most part they don't cry too much, they are getting sooo much better with eating, especially Emerson. When we first brought her home it took sometimes 20 minutes to get the bottle in her mouth because she would lock her jaw and put her tongue on the roof of her mouth and not let anything in, and if the bottle ever came out then we had to start over getting it in. Thankfully, unless she's really tired that practice seems to be on it's way out. However, last night both babies did not want to sleep.

Starting around 1:00 am Eli starting whining. He doesn't really cry he just whines until someone picks him up and then he's perfectly content until he's put down again. Which isn't ideal especially at night when we're exhausted. This whining lasted up until the 3:00 am feeding and then both babies were awake. Finally around 4:00 am Eli went to sleep but them Emerson starting whining and then not long after that Eli woke up again. Between both babies neither Marcus or I got any sleep.

To add extra complications on two occasions my pump wasn't working which just added to the frustration of the night. I also discovered just how out of it Marcus gets when he hasn't had any sleep. At one point he went to warm up their bottles, which we do by putting them in warm water. The problem is Marcus in his sleep deprived state put the cold bottles in cold water to warm up. So when I went to go get them 15 min. later they were still cold.

Marcus also continually will wake up out of sleep asking where the baby is, (he often thinks he has them in his arms and then wakes up panicked when he doesn't have a baby). Somehow we survived, Marcus was able to leave work a little early today, and we both napped while my mom did the afternoon feedings. Here's hoping for a much smoother night.

It's a good thing they're so cute :~)


Stacie said...

Aw. I do hope tonight is smoother for you guys! Hugs!

There was one night when my husband was so tired that he couldn't remember which baby he'd just fed (I was at a work conference at the time). He came into their room to find two sleeping babies. Then he looked in vain all over the house for the bottle he just used to feed whichever baby he fed. The boys were using different bottle styles. Anyway, he couldn't find the bottle and no one was crying, so he just gave up and went to bed. The next day, I found the bottle in the dresser drawer!

~Jess said...

Oh man! Hopefully they had a better night...fortunately your mom was there so you guys could sneak a nap.

The things we do from sleeplessness.