Sunday, June 7, 2009

My mom is on her way...

Her flight lands in about an hour and my apartment is a mess. It desperately needs to be cleaned/picked up but I think I have some pretty good excuses.

1.) First I was a pregnant grad student without a lot of time or energy
2.) Then I was a pregnant grad student on bedrest
3.) Then I was a pregnant grad student on bedrest in the hospital
4.) Then I gave birth to preemie twins
5.) Then I was recovering from surgery and visiting babies in the hospital
6.) Then the babies came home.

Those seem like legitimate excuses to me but I still feel the need to try and clean before she gets here. It's not going well. Every time I get a little motivated it's time to feed the babies again. Oh well and my sister has been encouraging me not to clean so I think maybe I'll listen (especially since I'm essentially out of time).


Stacie said...

Your mom won't even care about your apartment. All she cares about is her baby and yours. :-) Enjoy your time together!

~Jess said...

I second Stacie....the condition of your apartment is the last thing she's going to be thinking about :-D

Cassandra said...

Isn't part of the reason for her trip to help you with things like cleaning up?

You can either tidy while she's caring for the babies and then let her do the actual cleaning, or let her do all of the tidying/cleaning! This is not a good use of your time right now, since there are some tasks like feeding that need you specifically.

Hope you enjoy her visit!

sadie607 said...

haha you're all right and i didn't end up doing anything. My sister talked me out of it since my mom is coming to help.